Initial Questions and Lines of Inquiry


How does architecture respond to transience?
                How has it responded in the past?
                How is it being addressed now?
                Is transience a good or a bad thing?
What are the time scales of that transience?
                How long have other oil booms lasted?
                What percentage of oil workers would stay if the boom busted?
How long does temporary mean? Weeks, Months, Years?
How can the architecture be a part of the cultural transition?
Who should we be advocates of?
                If there are different sides, do we have to pick one?
How can we encourage people to stay?
Should part of our proposal be to reduce transience?
How can something temporary still be tied to its place?
What is the role of the landscape?
What happens when the boom stops?
How can we discourage transience and encourage rootedness?
What is an assembly that could be resilient to these conditions, both environmental and temporal?
How can we transform camps into something that is valuable to the community once they leave?
Who have a stake in this? Who is involved?
How do we address the bust?
How can we make short-term investments valuable in the long term?
When does the line between product and architecture begin to blur?

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