Sketch Models!

Doc - Feb 3, 2014, 7-28 PM Doc - Feb 3, 2014, 7-30 PM012810d07ebd1e80b8c13a00c131f9460d43441793

013d7d7c0f7a59ce9352788839dbfbdb59ce4a3d46 0168c841953831c6da016d923d533804a2ec165b33 01b5242d179c2b275a3d9651b189aef4771c84a30f

These models explored the concept behind a classic NE saltbox house. Deflect cold northern winter winds while opening to the south for passive gains. This typology utilizes the consolidation of program into areas that can handle wide temperature fluctuations, and other areas that need more thermal control. In this mode of thinking, I sought to consolidate the components of the camp within a flexible structural framework, rather than follow the current trend of boundless expansion. We are seeking to establish a sensitivity to the landscape, which has been elusive pre-fab and modular precedents.

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