Elevated Transport

My proposal stemmed from an interest in examining road infrastructure and trucking transport in the oil industry. A major debate happening in North Dakota is whether or not to invest in road construction. It can take up to 1000 truck movements just to drill a single well. There is a severe lack in infrastructure to keep up, so I propose a cable car/monorail system to use as material, supply, and workforce transport.



The proposal also involves a life cycle component. While the infrastructure required for car transport could be light, and have a small lasting impact on the landscape, the cars themselves could be reassembled into architectural space. This would occur on two scales of time: first the cars would transport supplies to well sites as need through the major drill phases, and they could be deployed as shelter when needed. This would be a cyclical process. After the boom, the could be assembled as a more permanent architecture.

DR_CC_Collage 1


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