Progress Review Summary

This Wednesday was the Progress Review, the first formal critique of the semester. Our goal going into the review was to be able to represent the context portion of our project in a tight, comprehensive matter, and to be more ‘freestyle’ with the trajectories our proposals were taking.Progress Review PanoramaThe context portion of the review was delivered concisely and comprehensively. We continued with a narrative of our process beginning with a modular housing charrette that lead to rapid iterations of far more radical proposals. We concluded with our individual more developed ideas: a cable car transport network; a future wind powered community; and occupied missile silos for water and housing. The diagram below describes the field that emerged from the exercise. 

DR_Context Compilation_Page_11

The response began with questioning the effectiveness of the oil industry. On one hand, everything is working fine. Oil and cash are moving through the area at a rate that substantially affects the global market. Conversely, the trail oil extraction leaves behind, and the towns and people that are essentially disposable to the industry are left at the mercy of its damage.

As for the feedback on our trajectory, it was made clear to us that this project has two clear directions. The first is where we began: deployable architecture. However, rather than a formal approach, this trajectory would require deep research into supply streams to design a solution within. Second is where we left off last: radical systems that provide a future for the region. For this trajectory we would focus on physical characteristics of the cities, industry, and landscape to propose and architecture or infrastructure that would have a use far beyond the lifespan of the oil industry.

Context image

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