Week 5 Charrette: Hybrid Instances of Temporary and Permanent Architecture


This proposal consists of taking advantage of clinker cement and concrete production to infuse a sense vernacular architecture into workforce housing. The locally produced material would be a byproduct of the well construction process, and the concrete would serve as a permanent pad or foundation for temporary modular units to attach to. The modules could be customized per user, and would be removed after the boom and reused elsewhere, while the concrete foundations are left as as imprints on the landscape serving potentially as water storage infrastructure.


My second proposal involves a deployable¬†infrastructural framework for which RVs and trailer homes could “plug” in to and receive municipal amenities like water and electricity. The impetus for this began with considering the positive social community seen in the least organized typologies of workforce housing. Regardless of a new architecture for housing, these workers will continue to come here in their RVs and trailers and intend on being here temporarily. This proposal would provide a framework that would allow them to take advantage of community gathering space, and basic living needs that are sadly not uncommon to be without in this region.

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