pre-fab and modular


This is a diagram of the “CE” mark which is a conformity marking for products sold within the European Economic Area. It establishes a database to track adherence to quality standards and performance.

  • Suppliers have to be known and certified,
  • Raw materials and goods being sourced are to be recorded by batch used,
  • Elementary products are recorded and their quality is monitored,
  • Assembly quality is managed and assessed on a step by step basis,
  • When a modular unit is finished, a whole set of tests are performed and if quality standards are met, a unique number and EC stamp is attached to and on the unit.

tempo in_use tempo off_shore_traveller tempo traveller2

The “off shore traveller” by Tempo Housing

servotel tempo servotel stacking tempo servotel under_construction

Servotel in Port au Prince, Haiti. Tempo Housing. After the earthquake in 2010, this hotel was designed and engineered in less than 8 weeks, pre-fabricated in China as fully-furnished modules containing all furniture.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.08.01 PM

Childern’s Activity Center, Phooey Architects (AU).

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