News Articles:

Boom and bust cycles in Odessa and Williston

Train transportation of oil an issue for ND towns

No Kids, No Booze, No Pets: Inside North Dakota’s Largest Man Camp

Oil Boom Forces Employers to Be Landlords in North Dakota

The Booming Business of Worker Accommodations

North Dakota loosing population – 2006 NY times article

The New Oil Landscape – National Geographic 3/13

super fracking

Primer for understanding shale gas

Applying creativity to a byproduct of oil drilling – NY times on Statoil

Sarah Christainson – ND photographer/artist

Industry in North Dakota to Cut Flared Natural Gas

Blogs and discussions:

11 Shocking Facts about the North Dakota Oil Boom

Homeless Oil Workers Are Camping Out at Walmart

The Oil Men

Sven’s Bakken Blog

Man Camp Blog

Oilfield Information:

NDAOGPC (North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Counties)

Current Active Drilling List

2012 Top 10 Bakken Operators

60 Year Top 20 Operators

Energy Slideshow: Marcellus shale gas drilling operations in central pennsylvania

oil rig components: illustrated glossary


North Dakota drilling and production statistics – ND department of mineral resources

Bakken Timeline

Federal Reserve of Minneapolis – Bakken Oil Boom

Oil Field Housing: Lone Tree

The pros and cons of shipping container architecture

great explanation of drilling process

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